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News Scan

Oregon Governor Puts Moratorium on Death Penalty: The Associated Press reports Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber Tuesday imposed a moratorium on the death penalty in the state for the remainder of his term, which ends in January 2015. Kitzhaber says he is morally opposed to capital punishment. This decision comes as Oregon prison officials have been preparing for the December 6 execution of Gary Haugen, a twice-convicted murderer.

More Ex-Cons Now Unmonitored in Ohio: Randy Tucker of Dayton Daily News reports the state of Ohio accounted for about 17% of the more than 14,700 former state prisoners released from parole nationwide last year. Only Illinois discharged more parolees. This significant decline in Ohio's parole population is largely the result of a November 2009 Ohio Supreme Court decision that voided parole for parolees who were not properly informed of the conditions of their parole at their sentencing. U.S. District Judge Walter Rice said that fewer people returning from prison on parole in Ohio is also due to "changes in the law a number of years ago that simply require parole to be a condition of release for fewer prisoners."

Jared Loughner's Lawyers Appeal Forced Medication Decision: The Associated Press reports lawyers for Jared Loughner filed an appeal Monday challenging a federal court's decision allowing prison doctors to forcibly medicate him. Loughner, the suspect in a Jan. 8, shooting spree in Tucson which killed 6,  is being held at a Missouri prison facility where therapists are working to make him competent to stand trial. In Monday's brief Loughner's lawyers said he had been denied a prompt review for the "four- to five-drug cocktail currently forced on him" by the federal court. The opening brief by Loughner's lawyers challenging the ruling wasn't due until November 28, and it was unclear why it was filed a week early. Prosecutors have until December 28 to file their opening brief on the subject.



Kitzhaber is a real prize. His statement talks about fairness. Life isn't fair, but we're going to try to make it fair for heinous murderers? How silly on its face.

Kitzhaber weighed the interests of a heinous criminal over that of his victim's widow:


What a cruel SOB Kitzhaber is. Another pro-criminal Democrat.

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