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News Scan

Serial Killer Gets Death Penalty: Amanda Lee Myers of The Associated Press reports an Arizona jury Wednesday returned a verdict of death for Mark Goudeau, 47, for killing nine people in the Phoenix area. The jury decided that death was the appropriate punishment for each of the nine murder counts. Goudeau had also been found guilty of 58 other charges, including kidnapping and rape. He was nicknamed the Baseline Killer, named after Baseline Road in Phoenix where many of the attacks happened. Teresa Washington, the sister of one of Goudeau's victims, 39-year-old Tina Washington, sobbed, "He's not going to die the way my sister died." When one juror was asked by the press what she would say if she could say one thing to Goudeau, she said it would be: "How could you?"

Finnish Triple Murderer Caught After Escaping Prison for Sixth Time: The Associated Press reports Finnish police say they have caught Nikita Fouganthine, a triple murderer who walked out of a low-security prison last week a month before he was scheduled to be released. This was the sixth time Fouganthine has escaped custody. Fouganthine was convicted of murdering a father, mother, and son in Sweden in 1988 and was transferred to his native Finland to serve out his life sentence. Even though he had already escaped several times, in 2009 officials said he had changed his ways and commuted his sentenced. After being released, Fouganthine was returned to prison again for violating his parole. Detective Chief Inspector Tero Murman says Fouganthine will serve the rest of his sentence in a prison with more security.

One of the Largest Marijuana Busts in U.S. History:
Elliot Spagat of The Associated Press reports a marijuana bust Tuesday netted nearly 32 tons of marijuana - nearly 17 tons at a warehouse in the San Diego area, about 11 tons inside a truck in the Los Angeles area, and 4 tons in Mexico. According to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, it ranks as the second-largest marijuana bust in U.S. history if the drugs found on the Mexican side of the tunnel are counted, and the third-largest without including the stash from Mexico. The underground passage linking warehouses on either side of the border was equipped with a hydraulic lift, electric rail carts, carpeted floors, and a wooden staircase. More than 70 cross-border tunnels have been found since October 2008.

30 Tons of Trash Left Behind at Occupy LA Encampment: 
The Los Angeles Times reports sanitation officials said Wednesday they expect to haul away 30 tons of debris left behind from the Occupy LA encampment at City Hall. Workers have already removed 25 tons of left-behind belongings, all of it heading from the City Hall park straight to a landfill. Crews in hazmat suits have raked up everything from nail polish and jars of peanut butter to electric razors and mattresses. Onlooker Ramir Delgado said, "This looks like pure anarchy, in a Hollywood way." Donna Spurgeon, who also stopped to snap some photos, said the aftermath looked like a "little war zone, a little ghetto."

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