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EU Restricts Sale of Execution Drugs: Greg Bluestein of the Associated Press reports the European Commission said Tuesday it would strengthen export controls on the sale of sodium thiopental and other drugs that could be used for executions. The move by the EU could force some state officials to consider other alternatives, which is a complicated process sure to lead to legal challenges. Many states, including Ohio and Texas, have already switched to the alternative sedative pentobarbital. It is unknown how the restrictions will impact death penalty states in the U.S., but it is unlikely to choke off supply. Several states have reported enough supply to keep scheduling executions, and it will be difficult for regulators to guarantee that vendors won't still try to sell the drugs to death penalty states.     

Authorities Dismantle "Extensive" Drug Cell in Arizona:
Amanda Lee Myers of the Associated Press reports federal and state authorities in Arizona announced Tuesday they dismantled an "extensive" drug trafficking cell tied to the Sinaloa cartel after a 15-month-long investigation. Authorities arrested some 200 people, and seized more than 1,200 pounds of drugs and $7.8 million in cash. The 43 search warrants also led to the seizure of 44 guns. Authorities said that although the Sinaloa cartel almost immediately regenerates after one of its cells have been taken down, the investigation struck a significant blow.
"Arresting a drug dealer is one thing but if we can actually follow that backwards and take out the head of the snake of this organization, we exact a lot of pain on those cartels and those folks putting their distribution networks in Arizona," Tempe police Commander Kim Hale said. Doug Coleman, acting special agent in charge of the DEA in Arizona, said the Sinaloa cartel is the "biggest and baddest of the drug cartels." "The Sinaloa cartel is a transnational, multimillion industry that has tentacles in every state in the U.S. and throughout the world," he said. Coleman also said he expects further arrests in the case as the investigation continues. 

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