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News Scan

Washington Post Wins Access to Chandra Levy Jury Questionnaires: Zoe Tillman, writing for the blog of Legal Times, reports the District of Columbia Court of Appeals ruled Thursday morning The Washington Post and other media outlets were wrongly denied access to jury questionnaires from the Chandra Levy murder trial. The three-judge panel wrote that the public's right to access criminal trials covers jury selection. The appellate judges found that the trial judge, Superior Court Judge Gerald Fisher, made a mistake in promising the jury that the questionnaires would be kept out of the public eye.

Killer Gets 200 Years for 2-day Rampage: The Associated Press reports Maksim Gelman, who admitted to killing four people and wounding four others in a 2-day crime spree in New York City last winter, was sentenced to 200 years in prison on Wednesday. He got the maximum sentence for each of the 13 counts he was convicted of, with some of the sentences running consecutively. In a rambling statement, Gelman blamed his victims, said he wasn't the bad guy, and blamed the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency for supposedly following him.

Triple-Murderer Denied New Trial: Josh Kovner and Alaine Griffin of The Hartford Courant report Joshua Komisarjevsky, convicted of killing three people and setting their house on fire in 2007, had his motions for a new trial and acquittal denied Wednesday. Superior Court Judge Jon C. Blue ruled that there was no outside influence that affected Komisarjevsky getting a fair trial. Blue is scheduled to impose the jury's sentence of death on January 27.

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