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Resuming Justice in North Carolina?

Wednesday, the North Carolina Senate voted to override Gov. Perdue's veto of the bill to partially fix the badly misnamed Racial Justice Act.  The purpose of the act is to allow murderers to use flimsy statistics-based claims of racial disparity to defeat justice, without any showing that race had anything to do with their own cases.  The statute is so badly drafted that virtually every inmate on death row in the state, regardless of race, can file -- and now has filed -- a claim under the act.  For more on the racial statistics game, see my Engage article and my London mock trial testimony.

The situation is confused in the NC House right now.  Evidently the votes are lining up very close to the needed 3/5 threshold.  One seat is vacant, and while the Governor is obligated to replace the departed Republican member with the Republican committee's choice, she is stalling the actual appointment.  Craig Jarvis and John Frank have this story in the Charlotte Observer.

Update: The House has adjourned until February without overriding the veto.

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