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Female Travelers Targeted by TSA Workers: Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars.com reports an investigation by CBS 11 News found that female passengers are being targeted by TSA workers who are using body scanners to sexually harass women. One woman in Texas was forced to go through the body scanner three times after a female TSA screener asked her if she played tennis because she had a "cute" figure. The woman could hear the screener talking on her microphone to male TSA agents. After the third time she was forced to go through the body scanner, the men tried to say that the image was blurry, but the screener ended the ordeal and let the woman go. The investigation prompted New York Senator Charles Schumer to introduce legislation that would mandate every airport in the country to have a TSA-provided "passenger advocate" on duty at all times to respond to complaints. Critics say this position will likely just be filled by TSA workers, who have already proven they are not suitable candidates for the job. 

Death Row Inmates Challenge FDA: Tom Schoenberg of Bloomberg reports 21 death row inmates asked U.S. District Judge Richard Leon Thursday to order the Food and Drug Administration to block the future importation of sodium thiopental, a drug administered in executions in some states, and remove the supplies already in the possession of state governments. The inmates claim the FDA violated the law by allowing state departments of corrections to import the drug. The Justice Department urged Leon to dismiss the case, arguing the FDA's enforcement decisions cannot be challenged in court. Leon did not say when he would decide the case.

Soros Gives $500,000 to Three-Strikes Initiative:
Nicholas Riccardi of the Los Angeles Times reports billionaire George Soros, a longtime supporter of liberal causes and non-California resident, donated $500,000 on January 30 to help finance a potential ballot measure that would weaken the three-strikes law in California. That same day, one of the measure's co-authors, Stanford law professor David Mills, gave $250,000 to the campaign. Mills is currently the largest contributor to the effort, with a contribution total that is is now $603,000.

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