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Deal on Judges

Todd Ruger reports at BLT, "After months of backlog and partisan recrimination, Senate leaders reached an agreement to move forward with judicial nominees this afternoon that assures 12 federal district court judge picks and two circuit court selections will get confirmation votes before the summer."  There are 17 nominees total.

"The two appellate judges in the deal are Stephanie Thacker in the 4th Circuit and Jacqueline Nguyen in the 9th Circuit."  "The circuit judicial nominees who did not make the deal include Andrew Hurwitz of the 9th Circuit; Paul Watford, also of the 9th Circuit; and Patty Shwartz of the 3rd Circuit."


Speaking of judges, is the USSC on vacation? They haven't issued any rulings in a long time. I'm waiting for them to rule on Martinez.

So are we.

Check back here Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of the next two weeks.

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