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News Scan

Oklahoma Execution Carried Out: Katie Fretland of the Associated Press reports Timothy Stemple was put to death by lethal injection Thursday at a state prison in Oklahoma. Stemple and his accomplice were convicted of beating his wife repeatedly with a plastic-covered baseball bat, then running her over with a pickup truck along a Tulsa highway in 1996, in an attempt to collect insurance money. Oklahoma's Department of Corrections said last month the state has only four doses of the lethal injection drug pentobarbital left. Stemple's is the first of three scheduled executions in Oklahoma over the next two months.

Anti-Illegal Immigration Bill Passed in Mississippi House:
Fox News Latino reports Mississippi House members passed 70-47 an anti-illegal immigration bill that would require an arrest to be made before requesting documentation proving legal status. Failure to provide proof of citizenship after an arrest could then result in deportation. After not passing once before, controversial provisions were removed which include an officer's ability to ask about a person's immigration status in a traffic stop, the possibility for officers to arrest a person for not carrying identification, requiring schools to count undocumented immigrant students, and the ability for municipal utilities to refuse power, water, sewer, and other services to illegal immigrants. House Judiciary B Committee Chairman Andy Gibson said he tried to craft a bill that would survive court challenges. The bill now goes to the Senate.

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