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Serial Killer's Letters Move Forward Execution: Brendan Farrington of the Associated Press reports serial killer David Alan Gore is set to be executed sooner than he expected. Over 5 years, Gore exchanged 200 pages of graphic letters with Las Vegas man Tony Ciaglia, who writes to numerous serial killers, relishing in the details of his murders. In the letters, Gore brags about raping and murdering four teenagers and two women, likening the urge to kill to sexual arousal and describing the murders of two 14-year-old girls as "a perfect experience." His letters were published by author Pete Earley in his book "Serial Killer Whisperer." Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers columnist Russ Lemmon also published a column discussing the case and the letters. On the same day, the editorial board brought the letters to the attention of Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R), who signed the death warrant despite the 40 other men who have been on death row longer than Gore. Gore is set for execution April 12.

Steele Argues Trayvon Martin Exploited: Shelby Steele of the Wall Street Journal writes there are two tragedies which took place in the case of Trayvon Martin; first, an unarmed teenager committing no crime was shot dead, and second, since the 1960s, the black American identity has shifted from common humanity to historical victimization. Steele argues this shift in identity was the worst mistake black Americans could have made. He describes a generation of ambulance-chasing, stating the greatest power current black leaders have "lies in the manipulation of white guilt" through poetic truth. According to Steele, the tragedy in the death of Martin is not the possibility of white racism, particularly since his shooter, George Zimmerman, was Hispanic. The tragedy lies in the desire many black leaders have in combination with the media to exploit tragedies and further their agendas.

Access to Drugs Could Put Executions on Hold:
Kimberly Leonard of iWatch News reports a federal judge ruled to block the import of sodium thiopental. An alternative for the lethal injection is pentobarbital, though it is expected that its supplies may become limited. With manufacturers selling pentobarbital directly to health care facilities and the drug having a shelf-life of about 18 months, the stockpiles states bought prior to distribution limitations may expire before use. While the FDA has not approved pentobarbital for use in executions or as anesthesia, Ed Elder, director at Lenor Zeeh Pharmaceutical Experiment Station at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, said the use of drugs in executions may fall outside of FDA oversight, a position the FDA has taken in the past. Mike Rushford of the CJLF said the important thing is not which drugs states use specifically, but to simplify the process so arguments against lethal injections have little ground left to stand on. Rushford said concerns regarding lethal injections are "claims by people who wouldn't want to execute any murderer under any circumstances by any means." Whether states will be able to maintain access to lethal injections and continue executions remains to be seen.

Louisiana Lawmakers Seek to Rewrite Sex Offender Social Networking Ban: The Associated Press reports a bid seeking to rewrite a state law to ban certain sex offenders from social networking sites, such as Facebook, began moving through the Louisiana Legislature on Wednesday. The existing law is argued to violate a convicted sex offender's free speech protections and was declared unconstitutional by a federal judge. The bill is sought by Gov. Bobby Jindal and sponsored by Rep. Ledricka Thierry, and will more narrowly define what specific sites are banned in hopes that it could withstand a court challenge. Thierry's bill would ban anyone convicted of a sex offense against a minor or of video voyeurism from websites whose primary purpose is "facilitating social interaction with other users of the website and which allows users to create web pages or profiles about themselves that are available to the public or other users." The bill is heading to the full House for debate.


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Steele is wrong. Trayvon Martin was not innocent. He violently assaulted George Zimmerman. He also made the mistake of assaulting a man who had the foresight to arm himself against violent criminals. Trayvon was living the thug life and died a thug's death.

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