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Ohio Execution Reboot

Until last November, Ohio had been one of the most successful states in terms of finally carrying out justice in capital cases after many years of delay.  They were first to adopt the single-drug method now spreading across the country.  However, executions have been on hold recently.  AP has this story:

Ohio's first execution in six months can proceed, a federal judge ruled Wednesday, saying it appears the state is serious about following its own lethal injection procedures.

The decision by U.S. District Judge Gregory Frost ends an unofficial moratorium dating to November, when members of the Ohio execution team deviated from the official injection procedures when putting a Cleveland man to death.

The changes were minor -- failing to properly check a box on a medical form, for example -- but they angered Frost, who had previously criticized the state for failing to follow its rules.

The judge's decision followed a seven-day trial over the state's lethal injection process last month.

The ruling paves the way for the April 18 execution of Mark Wiles for stabbing a 15-year-old boy to death during a farmhouse burglary.


"but they angered Frost"---kinda says it all.

The decision is 50-odd pages of turgid prose.

The court, apparently with a straight face, resolves a claim that because the warden can cut off a final statement of the condemned, equal protection is violated. This is what happens when a federal case is made over the identity of the person who records the time of death.

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