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News Scan

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Stockton Man Released From Jail Early Arrested Weeks Later for Attempted Murder: Tim Daly of News10/KXTV reports Raoul Leyva was arrested last week for allegedly trying to kill his girlfriend after serving only 2 days of a 100-day parole violation sentence a couple weeks earlier. On April 9, Leyva was given a sentence of 100 days in county jail for a parole violation, but was released on April 11. He was arrested for attempted murder on April 26. San Joaquin County sheriff's Deputy Les Garcia said Leyva was released just two days into his 100-day sentence because his office was following a court order to reduce overcrowding. San Joaquin County Superior Court Judge Richard Guiliani, who confirmed his order for that release, said counties don't have a choice because of how many prisoners the state has shipped to the county level. The victim's family says she has been in a coma after the beating and is not expected to survive. 

Execution in Oklahoma Tuesday Night: The Associated Press reports Michael Selsor is scheduled to die by lethal injection tonight in Oklahoma for the 1975 murder of Clayton Chandler during a robbery. Chandler was shot eight times. When Selsor was arrested, he complained to detectives about the amount of money he netted during the robbery. "The damn guy held back the twenties or I would have had $800," he said during an initial interview. One of Chandler's co-workers also received multiple wounds but survived. Selsor told detectives he and his co-defendant didn't want to leave any witnesses who could identify them later.

Molestation Law Clarified by California Supreme Court: Bob Egelko of the San Francisco Chronicle reports the California Supreme Court ruled Monday that a 2006 law that imposed a sentence of up to life in prison for having sex with a child "10 years of age of younger" includes any case in which the victim has not turned 11, meaning the victim's most recent birthday was their 10th. The ruling came in the case of Michael Cornett, who was convicted of molesting his two stepdaughters in 2007, one of whom was 10 years, 11 months old at the time. The ruling will not affect Cornett, but other cases in which the victim is between 10 and 11 years old.
Feds to Seek Death Penalty in Somali Yacht Hijacking: Brock Vergakis of the Associated Press reports federal prosecutors will seek the death penalty against three Somalis who killed four Americans aboard a hijacked yacht in February of last year. 22 of the 26 charges they face are death-penalty eligible. Twelve others involved have already been sentenced to life in prison for their roles in the case.

Story of Couple Attacked by Mob Goes Unreported: Michelle Washington, an editorial writer for The Virginian-Pilot, has this piece about two reporters at the paper who were attacked by a group of at least 30 people while they were stopped at an intersection in Norfolk, VA. The story wasn't reported in the paper for two weeks, and the responding officer had coded the incident as a simple assault. On Twitter the next day, one post about the attacked made a reference to Trayvon Martin. Washington writes, "We cannot allow such callousness to continue unremarked."

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Re: Brandy Arreola, the victim . . . . I hope Governor Brown, all the Dems in California Legislature and of course, Kennedy, Breyer, Ginsburg Kagan and Sotomayor are happy.

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