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News Scan

Execution Dates Set in Mississippi: Jeff Amy of the Associated Press reports the Mississippi Supreme Court on Wednesday set execution dates for Henry Curtis Jackson Jr. and Jan Michael Brawner. Jackson is set to be executed June 5, and Brawner on June 12. Jackson was convicted of stabbing two young nieces and two nephews at his mother's home in 1990. He was also convicted of stabbing another niece and his adult sister, who both survived. Brawner was convicted of killing his 3-year-old daughter, ex-wife, and former father-in-law and mother-in-law in 2001. Trial testimony showed he went to his former in-laws' after he learned his ex-wife planned to stop him from seeing their child. Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood also requested an execution date for Gary Carl Simmons Jr., but the court ordered Hood's office to reply to Simmons' claims that his original lawyers were ineffective at trial and that his later lawyers were never good enough to point out shortcomings. Simmons was convicted of shooting and dismembering a man in 1996 who had gone to his home to collect on a drug debt. Police said Simmons and his co-defendant kidnapped the victim and his female friend, later assaulting the woman and locking her in a box. Parts of Wolfe's body were found at Simmon's house, in the yard, and in a nearby bayou.

Washington's "Swift and Certain" Law to Take Effect June 1: Paul Suarez of The Columbian reports Washington state's new "swift and certain" law, which will send offenders to jail for one to three days for minor probation violations, officially takes effect statewide on June 1. The law is based on Hawaii's project HOPE, and officials say the change should save the Department of Corrections money.

DNA Links Serial Rapist to Another Attack: Ruby Gonzales and Brian Day of the San Gabriel Valley Tribune report Earnest Pettway, currently serving time for two rapes in California, was linked to a third attack in the Los Angeles area with DNA. He was recently sentenced to 15 years in prison for the 1995 rape and kidnapping in Glendora, which he will serve consecutively with his prior sentences of 25 and 46 years. In 1995, Pettway raped a female jogger at gunpoint in Santa Monica, and detectives then linked him to a similar attack in Los Angeles. Pettway was convicted of both cases in 1997. In 2010, a DNA match to Pettway was found by a program running cold case DNA through a state data bank, and detectives re-opened the case. "Pettway denied being involved, however a comparison DNA sample obtained by Glendora detectives from Pettway was an exact match to the evidence collected from the sexual assault in 1995," a police statement said.

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