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SCOTUS Order and Opinion Day

The US Supreme Court issued only one opinion today, in a tax/bankruptcy case, Hall v. United States.

The orders list had one vacate and remand "in light of the position asserted by the Solicitor General" in Garcia v. United States, 11-8728.  The Fifth Circuit's unpublished memorandum opinion is here.  The issue has to do with giving a defendant a longer sentence for the purpose of rehabilitating him, related to the issue in Tapia v. United States, 131 S. Ct. 2382 (2011).

No other grants of certiorari.  All of the cases listed as capital on the Cert Pool's list were denied.


Does that mean that the SG confessed error?

Not sure. I couldn't find the BIO on the SG's site. The USCA5 memorandum says the government asked for time to do further briefing, and the court said they didn't need it.


This is the rehearing for condemned Arizona murderer Daniel Cook. Supremes kicked to the next conference.

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