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Execution for Mississippi Quadruple Murderer

The US Supreme Court has denied a stay and certiorari for Mississippi murderer Jan Michael Brawner.  Earlier, Holbrook Mohr had this story for AP on the crime and the Mississippi Supreme Court's denial of a stay.

Brawner was sentenced to death for the April 25, 2001, shooting deaths of his daughter, Paige, his ex-wife, Barbara Craft, and her parents, Carl and Jane Craft. Brawner killed them in their in Tate County home, stole about $300 and used his former mother-in-law's wedding ring to propose to his girlfriend the same day, according to court records.
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He shot the former mother-in-law first, then his ex-wife. His daughter, Paige, watched the killings, court records said.

"After Brawner determined that Paige would be able to identify him, and in his words, he 'was just bent on killing,' he went back into the bedroom and shot his daughter twice, killing her," court records said.

He shot and killed Carl Craft when he got home from work and stole his wallet and the ring.

Paige was three years old.

Further info is in the Mississippi DoC media kit.

Update:  Done.  See AP story.


From a news report:

"Friends and neighbors weren’t the only ones outraged about Brawner’s crimes. Lance says Brawner received a letter from the State Penitentiary during his stay in the Tate County Jail, apparently from an inmate at Parchman detailing what inmates would do to him when he got there. Lance says fortunately for Brawner, his death penalty came with manditory solitary confinement."

When you disgust hardened criminals . . . .

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