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High Supervision

Don't worry folks.  It's okay that we are putting known criminals back on the street.  It's safe because we will keep them under "supervision."

A breaking, horrifying story out of Sacramento is the murder in their own homes of a couple who were spiritual leaders in the Hmong immigrant community, "Xai Vang Yang and his wife, Lia Vang Yang, believed to be in their late 50s, but possibly older."  Andy Furillo and Jacqueline Sahlberg have this story in the Sacramento Bee.  In the 10:59 a.m. update, the shooter has been identified.

Police said they were gunned down by Xue Lor, 26, a gang member and parolee under high supervision. Lor was killed by another person in the house after he had gunned down the Yangs and Cha.

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