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News Scan

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Witnesses Can Watch IV Process for Arizona Executions: The Associated Press reports Arizona Corrections Director Charles Ryan announced on Wednesday that execution witnesses will now be able to watch the catheter insertion in the lethal injection process by closed-circuit television, beginning with an upcoming execution schedule for June 27. In the past, Ryan has not allowed anyone to view this part of the process. It is unclear whether lawyers will also be allowed to view the IV process. Ryan's announcement came after the Federal Public Defender's Office in Phoenix filed a petition with the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Wednesday morning challenging a district court's ruling denying motions to allow reporters and attorneys from witnessing the insertion of the IV lines.

9th Circuit Hears Appeal by News Groups Over Idaho Executions: The Associated Press reports the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday heard arguments in a lawsuit filed by the Associated Press and 16 other news organizations seeking to strike the part of Idaho's regulations that prevents witnesses from viewing executions until after catheters have been inserted into the inmate. The three-judge panel asked Idaho prosecutors to inquire whether the prison warden would allow full viewing access in next week's execution of Richard Leavitt.

Justice Department Must Say Whether RI Inmate Faces Death Penalty or Not: The Associated Press reports U.S. District Judge William Smith on Wednesday ordered the Justice Department to say by Tuesday whether or not it will seek the death penalty against Jason Pleau. Pleau is accused of killing a man outside of a bank in 2010. Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee had refused to surrender Pleau to federal authorities because he believed they wanted to try him so that the death penalty would be a possibility. Rhode Island does not have the death penalty. An appeals court ruled Pleau could stand trial in federal court.

Robbery Suspect Using Sleepwalking as Defense: Greg Smith of The Bulletin reports Winston A. Riley of Connecticut says he was sleepwalking when he allegedly flashed a large knife and tried to grab a woman's purse in a casino parking garage elevator.His lawyer says Riley had been napping in his car that morning, and was actually woken up by the woman in the elevator and ran away in confusion and fright. His lawyer says his is going to prepare a medical defense, relying on Riley's history of sleepwalking.

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> > Someone has effectively handed the nuclear suitcase to Bozo the Clown.

|| U.S. District Judge William Smith on Wednesday ordered the Justice Department Justice Department to decide whether 'RI Inmate Faces Death Penalty or Not' ||

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