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News Scan

Brazil Inmates Get Sentences Reduced by Reading Books: Reuters reports a new program in Brazil prisons called "Redemption through Reading" will shorten inmates' sentences by four days for every book they read. Inmates in four federal prisons will be able to read up to 12 books to cut a maximum of 48 days off their sentence each year. They will have up to four weeks to read each book, and afterwards must write an essay. A panel will decide which inmates are allowed to participate in the program.

"Shame" Punishments in the Spotlight: Lynn DeBruin of the Associated Press reports unconventional sentences meant to shame defendants appear to be on the rise in the U.S. The most recent example is out of Utah, where a 13-year-old girl went to court for cutting a 3-year-old girl's hair. She was ordered to serve 30 days in detention and perform 276 hours of community service, which a judge said he would reduce by 150 hours if the teen's mother cut off her ponytail in court. In Utah, state law gives judges discretion to come up with sanctions for youth that will positively change their behavior. Jonathan Turley, a professor at George Washington University, says shame sentences also occur in adult courts, where judges act like "little Caesars." Turley said he has not seen any evidence that shame sentences have more impact than conventional ones.

CA Parolee Sentenced to Death for Killing Police Officer: Earl Ellis Green to death for the execution-style shooting death of Riverside Police Officer and Iraq War veteran Ryan Bonaminio. A jury recommended the death penalty for Green earlier this month for the 2010 slaying. Bonaminio was chasing Green when he slipped. Green bludgeoned Bonaminio with a metal pipe, and then took the officer's handgun and fired at the back of his head from about a foot away. Bonaminio's mother told the court that Green "cowardly and brutally took my son's life without cause and with hate. I will never forget and will never forgive."

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