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Opposition to DP Repeal

The San Francisco Bay View (subtitled National Black Newspaper) has three op-eds on the death penalty repeal initiative.  The authors are Kevin Cooper, Donald Ray Young, and Correll Thomas, all of whom are murderers residing on the Big Q's death row.

Two of the three are opposed to the initiative.

I am somewhat ambivalent about posting this link.  I'm not particularly interested in helping murderers get their opinions out.  Still, our readers might find this interesting.

I am not as surprised as many will be that some denizens of death row oppose repeal.  I have received letters from inmates who want their appellate lawyers to take the "liberty or death" position, attacking only the guilt verdict and making no case against the penalty.  The lawyers ignore them, despite the fact that the rules of legal ethics make very clear that a mentally competent client is entitled to set the goals of representation.

The two opposed also make a point that I have made a few times.  The death-sentenced murderer actually has a better chance of attacking his guilt verdict than an LWOP-sentenced murderer because of all the resources he is provided on habeas corpus.

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