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The LA DA Race

The District Attorney's office is not for sale, not even in America's largest county, where media campaigning is more of a necessity than elsewhere.

On Sunday, Christina Villacorte reported in the L.A. Daily News that "City Attorney Carmen Trutanich ... ha[d] more than twice as much money as his closest rivals, Deputy District Attorneys Alan Jackson and Jackie Lacey."  That was evident to anyone watching L.A. television Monday night.

This morning, with all precincts reporting, the county election office shows Lacey first, Jackson second, and Trutanich third, meaning a runoff between Lacey and Jackson.  Jackson's margin over Trutanich is only 1.3%, but that is likely enough to preclude any change in result through a recount.

FWIW, Trutanich was endorsed by Gov. Jerry Brown, and Lacey was endorsed by outgoing DA Steve Cooley.

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