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2/3 Support Death Penalty Generally and For Aurora Shooter

The Rasmussen Poll finds that 67% of Americans support the death penalty generally, with only 25% opposed.  The poll also found that 66% say the Aurora, Colorado shooter should get the death penalty, but the publicly available portion of the story does not give the opposed or undecided numbers.  I would be in the undecided column myself at this point.  Although I very much doubt that his mental defense will be sufficiently compelling to make the death penalty not the appropriate sentence, I would still want to see it before deciding.


Very unusual poll.

I have found that death penaty support goes way up, when going from the general question to one specific to a death penalty elgible murder.

This is the first time I have seen the results go down.

I suspect this MIGHT have something to do with the pending insanity question.

Yes, it's too bad Rasmussen puts so much behind the paywall. I'd like to see how many of the other 33% were "no" and how many were "undecided." As noted in the OP, many people who support the death penalty generally and who will almost certainly support it in this case in the end could properly be undecided at this early point.

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