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A Texas Victory for the Good Guys

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Former state Solicitor General Ted Cruz tonight won the Republican nomination for the US Senate from Texas, and thus became the favorite to win the seat in that quite red state.  I have known Ted for years, and can tell our readers that his win is a victory for, among many other worthy causes, holding criminals accountable and keeping our nerve and our wits about us in the fight against crime.

Much will be made of the fact that Ted was backed by the Tea Party.  He was indeed, but I was urging Ted to run for office before the Tea Party existed.  I believe he will be a player, not just in the Senate, but on the national stage.  The story he tells of his father's being held prisoner in one of Castro's jails, and surviving by dreaming of his escape to freedom in the United States  --  which he accomplished  -- is the most powerful story I have ever heard in a campaign stump speech.

UPDATE:  I see from Kent's entry immediately before mine that great minds continue to think alike.

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