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News Scan

President's Immigration Policy Slammed by Border Agents:  In a press conference yesterday Senator Jeff Sessions introduced the leaders of two groups representing 24,000 U.S. Border Patrol, ICE agents and support personnel who reported that the President's policy, announced earlier this year, which limits the deportation of younger illegals, is jeopardizing public safety.  A story by Mytheos Holl of The Blaze, which includes video of the press conference, quotes Chris Crane, President of the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council saying that under the President's Dream Act, illegals, including those arrested for felonies, who claim to have a GED or be enrolled in high school are barred from deportation by the Justice Department with no questions asked.  "There is no burden for the alien to prove anything," he said. 

Gun Carrying Customer Stops Knife Assault:  A man who began randomly stabbing people at a Salt Lake City department store Thursday evening was disarmed and arrested after an unnamed customer pulled a gun and threatened to shoot.  ABC 4 News reports that the assailant had just purchased the knife at Smith's Market Place when he yelled "you killed my people" and began stabbing anyone near him.  Two people were seriously injured with knife wounds to the stomach, head and arms, before witnesses said a man produced a pistol and told the attacker to drop the knife or he would shoot him.  A responding police Lieutenant said "This was a volatile situation that could have gotten worse."  

Gun Purchases Way Up in CA:  H.K. Lee of the San Francisco Chronicle reports on an estimate by the CA Dept. of Justice that in 2012 Californians will buy a near-record 725,000 guns.  If the prediction bears out, this will be roughly twice the number of guns purchased in the golden state five years ago.  Lee suggests a possible reason for this spike is the drumbeat to tighten restrictions on gun ownership.  A Mountain View gun store owner may have a better take, noting that while official reports show that crime was down last year, his customers have a hard time believing it, when robberies and home invasion have become  an everyday possibility.  "The police aren't going to save you.  They're there to clean up the mess and make a report after the fact," he said.   Could it be that the public has been paying attention to the impact on Governor Brown's Realignment?   

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