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Brickheads and Crazies to Get Preferential Hiring at DOJ

Readers might think that the title of this piece is written in jest, or to poke fun at some of DOJ's more bizarre decisions.

Wrongo.  What I'm about to describe is Obama Administration official hiring policy. The greater likelihood is that my characterization of it, while unfortunately 100% true, is going to get criticized for "insensitivity," the cardinal sin of Political Correctness.

This is the story, and I'm not making this up.  The Department of Justice has instituted a policy to give preferential (that is, non-competitive) hiring to, among others, persons with "severe intellectual disability," "psychiatric disability," and (just to make sure we don't leave anyone out) "other current severe...intellectual or mental conditions."

If I'm not mistaken, this comes at exactly the time when the same liberals who tend to support this sort of affirmative-action-after-a-nuclear-war theory of hiring are complaining loudest about poor judgment, Brady violations, thoughtless overreach, botched prosecutorial discretion, and misdirected enforcement priorities at DOJ.

I'm waiting for Eric Holder's explanation of how we are going to improve this situation by going out of our way to hire schizophrenics and imbeciles. Somehow, I think I'll be waiting a long time.

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