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Just How Big Is the Marijuana Crop?

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Michael Montgomery at California Watch has this story on a new book by Jonathan Caulkins of Carnegie Mellon, Angela Hawken of Pepperdine, Beau Kilmer of RAND, and Mark Kleiman of UCLA, titled Marijuana Legalization: What Everyone Needs to Know.

Montgomery focuses on the authors' challenge to the reported size of the marijuana crop as calculated by Jon Gettman, a former director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.  A large crop is claimed by legalization advocates to bolster the argument that legalizing and taxing marijuana would be a big revenue booster for government.  Also at issue is the degree to which legalization would defund drug traffickers.

Gettman, now at High Times, fires back that the authors are "woefully ignorant about marijuana consumption amounts or practices" because they are not tokers.

Sounds like an interesting book.  I look forward to reading it.

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I know that marijuana use is so common that many hospital labs don't even test for it on a drug screen anymore.

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