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Murder in America

The Wall Street Journal has published a useful statistical breakdown of murder in America for the  decade 2000 - 2010.  Among the many interesting facts shown is that, while non-Hispanic whites outnumber blacks in the country by slightly less than 5 to 1, black murderers outnumber white murderers by about 7 to 5 (among the population of murderers whose race is known).  I point this out not to disparage blacks, but to rebut the constant, and constantly absurd, charge that the disproportionately large number of blacks on death row, and as prisoners serving sentences for homicide, is a result of an endemically racist criminal justice system. 

Baloney.  It's a result of the fact that blacks commit a grossly disproportionate number of murders.  


What is truly unfortunate is that in order to rebut the scurrilous charges that somehow the incarceration rate of blacks in and of itself shows widespread racism, stats showing the rates of criminal acts by race needs to be used. It has an unfortunate effect of increased polarization etc. The "criminal justice system is racist" crowd also, unfortunately, discounts the cries for justice from minority victims, who, of course, bear the brunt of minority criminal behavior.

What is truly amazing to me is the utter failure to simply acknowledge that race has nothing to do with evil and that people like Komisarjevsky and, to take one example, Yokamon Hearn, are simply murderers who deserve to be removed from society. The racial issues should be irrelevant.

Even more troubling is the spread of this "disproportionate impact" theory to non-criminal justice areas.

Federal and state education progressives are attempting to apply the same warped thinking to school infraction rates-arguing for a quota on minority discipline and suspension rates.

Imagine trying to maintain a safe school environment after the minority suspension quota for the month has been met.....

What's worse than that--how do you explain it to the kids who don't get the benefit of the discount? What possible moral authority would those school administrators have?

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