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Murderer-friendly Governor to Speak at Dem. Convention

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One of the most effective speakers at the just-concluded Republican National Convention was former Congressman Artur Davis (formerly D - Ala).  His previous convention speech was in 2008, when he nominated Barack Obama for the presidency.  This year, he asked forgiveness for his error and wowed the audience.  Nothing like that convert zeal.

So do the Democrats have a convert for their convention?  Yes, they do, and stunningly it is Governor Lincoln Chafee (nominally I - RI).  Ted Nesi has this story for WPRI.

Governor Chafee is presently involved in litigation with the Obama Administration, in which Chafee is trying to help murderer Jason Pleau get off with less than he deserves.  Pleau is being prosecuted by the feds, who intend to seek the death penalty.  The basis of Chafee's objection is not that Pleau's crime should not be considered federal (which I have previously noted would be a defensible position), but merely that Chafee disagrees with the policy decision of Congress to permit the sentence of death in cases such as this and the decision of DoJ to seek that penalty in this particular case.  The plea of Deborah Smith, the victim's sister, fell on deaf ears.

Chafee lost the battle in the First Circuit (post here), and the case is presently pending in the Supreme Court as Chafee v. United States, No. 12-223.

Chafee probably won't mention Jason Pleau or Deborah Smith in his speech.  The campaign probably won't explain why it invited a murderer-friendly obstructor of justice.

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What consistently amazes me is the lengths to which these people will oppose the death penalty--whether it's a couple of judges playing games with the record (Reinhardt and Paez in the Wong v. Belmontes litigation) or spending time, money and energy trying to save a killer from federal prosecution.

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