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News Scan

OR Judge Ruled Death Row Inmate Can Reject Reprieve: The Associated Press reports Oregon Senior Judge Timothy Alexander ruled Friday a death row inmate can reject a reprieve; convicted murderer Gary Haugen does not have to accept clemency from Gov. John Kitzhaber. Haugen intends to waive all legal appeals which could delay his execution in protest of a legal system he feels is broken. Kitzhaber spokeswoman Amy Wojcicki said the governor will likely appeal the ruling.

NV Supreme Court Affirms Death Sentence: Sanda Chereb of the Associated Press reports the NV Supreme court unanimously affirmed the death sentence for serial rapist James Biela, who abducted, raped, and strangled a 19-year-old girl in 2008. Chief Justice Michael Cherry said the jury's verdict was not rushed, nor the result of passion or prejudice as Biela claimed.

Realignment Suspected Cause of Tracy Car Theft Increase: Denise Ellen Rizzo of the Tracy Press reports car thefts in Tracy are expected to exceed last year's mark. Michael Mulvihill, supervisor of the felony trial unit for the county prosecutor's office, feels insufficient incarceration due to realignment is the cause, noting some serve only a month or two rather than a few years. Mulvihill hopes AB 109 sees an amendment in the future.

Vermont Man Crushes 7 Police Vehicles with Tractor: Dave Gram of the Associated Press reports Roger Pion rolled over 7 Vermont police vehicles with a large farm tractor out of anger for his recent arrest for resisting arrest and marijuana possession, destroying more than half of the police vehicles in the county and causing an estimated over $250,000 in damages according to Vermont State Police Thursday.

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