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Father of Victim Opposes Killer's Name Change: Victoria Warren of Fox 7 News reports the father of murdered 10-year-old victim filed a petition Thursday fighting the attempt of convicted killer Charles Jaynes to change his name. Jaynes is attempting to change his name to Manasseh-Invictus Auric Thutmose V for allegedly religious purposes as a newly practicing Wiccan. Jaynes was found guilty of kidnapping, raping, abusing, and dumping the body of 10-year old Jeff Curley in 1997. The victim's father, Robert Curley, argues the name change would be a public safety threat. Jaynes could be anywhere and nobody would know he was the man convicted of second-degree murder.

Empire State Building Shooter Killed By Police: David Ariosto of CNN reports a former Empire State Building worker, Jeffrey Johnson, was killed by officers during a shoot out with NY police Friday. Johnson killed one coworker and wounded at least 8 in the course of the shooting. Some of the injured are believed to have been hit by ricocheting bullets, though none of the injuries are reported to be life-threatening. Johnson was a designer of women's accessories at Hazan Imports and was laid off last year. The Empire State Building has resumed full operations.

DNA Test Can Predict Suspect Hair and Eye Color
: Paul Rincon of BBC News reports a forensic test has been developed which can predict a suspect's hair and eye color from crime scene DNA.  The test can be done with smaller samples than for DNA profiling. The test is called the Hirisplex system, and predicts traits such as eye and hair color, called phenotypes, from information in the DNA, and includes the 24 best eye and hair DNA markers. It is hoped to help authorities identify completely unknown suspects. The findings are in the Journal of Forensic Science International in Genetics, and were outlined at the sixth European Academy of Forensic Science conference in the Hague.

Courtroom Shut Down Due to Bug-Ridden Witness:
CBS Detroit reports the courtroom of Judge Cylenthia Miller in Detroit's 36th District Court was evacuated after a man with insects -- likely bedbugs, cockroaches, or fleas - crawling on him showed up to serve as a witness. Pest control has been called to spray. The courtroom has not yet reopened.   

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For the cockroach guy, maybe they should have called the Men in Black.

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