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News Scan

Death Penalty for Killer of Fellow Prisoner: Justin Lewis of KATV reports that Charles Moorman received a death sentence in Arkansas Monday. Moorman was convicted of stabbing a fellow inmate to death in the prison laundry room in 2010. Moorman was serving five consecutive life sentences without parole for five previous murders he admitted to. Prosecuting attorney Kyle Hunter said considering Moorman's criminal past and the current incident, the death penalty was appropriate.

CA Death Row Inmate Suicide Under Investigation:
Mary Slosson of the Chicago Tribune reports San Quentin death row inmate Kenneth Friedman died in an apparent suicide Sunday. CDCR Spokesman Sam Robinson said Friedman did not have a cell mate, but declined to state how he was found. Friedman was convicted of the abductions and strangulation of two men from their place of work in 2004. No definitive pronouncement as to Friedman's cause of death can be made until the prison receives the coroner's review.

Speed Freak Killer Further Aids Investigators: Fox News headlines Speed Freak Killer Wesley Shermantine was let out of San Quentin Sunday to help investigators locate victims. Bounty hunter Leonard Padilla believes Shermantine is being offered a reward by the FBI per body. Shermantine had previously provided investigators maps which had led to three locations and 10 bodies being found. Padilla believes the area Shermantine and investigators went Sunday contain 4 more wells with victims. According to Shermantine, he and his accomplices killed 72. If more remains are identified from Sunday, Shermantine will be let out of death row again.

21 Detroit Serial Rapists Identified:
Abigail Pesta of the Daily Beast reports the logging and testing of 11,303 forgotten   rape kits, led by Detroit prosecutor Kym Worthy, has identified 21 serial rapists from the first 153 which have been tested. Another 38 DNA matches were also identified in CODIS. The rape kits were stumbled upon in 2009. The logging of the kits has proven challenging due to a lack of an accompanying police report. Each kit must not only be tested, but logged. A $1M federal grant will cover testing for about 1,600 of the rape kits found.

4 Soldiers in Anarchist Militia Group Suspected of Double-Murder:
Fox News, with the contribution of the Associated Press, has this article about four army soldiers who shot and killed a former-soldier and his girlfriend in the woods last December. The soldiers' motive was to protect their plot to overthrow the U.S. government and assassinate the president. The four were part of an anarchy militia group called Forever Enduring Always Ready, consisting of current and former U.S. military members. F.E.A.R.'s founder and leader invested $87,000 for weaponry and bomb components for attacks. According to prosecutor Isabel Pauley, the group was fully capable and taking action. Authorities still do not know how many members there are. The four face multiple felony charges including felony murder, using a firearm while committing a felony, aggravated assault, and criminal gang activity. One of the soldiers pleaded guilty Monday to manslaughter, illegal gang activity, and other charges. The hearing for the other three is set for Thursday.

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