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SB9 Hall of Shame

After the jump are the names of the 41 members of the California Assembly who voted in favor of SB 9, i.e., for the murderers.
Allen, Michael
Ammiano, Tom
Atkins, Toni
Beall, Jim
Blumenfield, Bob
Bonilla, Susan
Bradford, Steven
Brownley, Julia
Butler, Betsy
Calderon, Charles M.
Carter, Wilmer Amina
Cedillo, Gilbert
Chesbro, Wesley
Davis, Mike
Dickinson, Roger
Eng, Mike
Feuer, Mike
Fong, Paul
Fuentes, Felipe
Furutani, Warren T.
Gatto, Mike
Gordon, Richard S.
Hall, Isadore III
Hayashi, Mary
Hernandez, Roger
Hill, Jerry
Hueso, Ben
Huffman, Jared
Lara, Ricardo
Lowenthal, Bonnie
Mendoza, Tony
Mitchell, Holly
Monning, William W.
Pan, Richard
Perez, John A.
Perez, V. Manuel
Skinner, Nancy
Swanson, Sandre R.
Wieckowski, Bob
Williams, Das
Yamada, Mariko

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