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Skateboarders For Law Enforcement

Max Taves reports in the WSJ:

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif.--Skateboarders often thumb their noses at the rules. At the local skate park here, some teens defy park guidelines by skateboarding without a helmet or safety pads.

But there was one rule many liked to see enforced: that Scotts Valley Skate Park be used for "skateboards, in-line skates and roller skates only."

So last December, when hordes of younger boys atop kick scooters--those two-wheeled aluminum planks driven by handlebars--invaded the venue, they invoked that rule to a tee. Police were called in and at least 50 scofflaw scooterers were kicked out in one day.

Funny how people's positions on the regulation/libertarian scale can flip in the blink of an eye.  Hollywood glitterati are infamous for supporting all manner of environmental regulation until the government starts interfering with their property rights, at which point they start sounding exactly like the PLF folks.

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