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Voter ID Developments

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Are voter ID laws a dastardly racist plot to keep minorities from voting?  The Obama Administration thinks so and has filed suit to stop the Texas law.  See Fox/AP story here.

But what do the people think?  The Washington Post Poll asked, "In your view, should voters in the United States be required to show official, government-issued photo identification -- such as a driver¬ís license -- when they cast ballots on Election Day, or shouldn't they have to do this?"  Results:

All voters:   74-23
White:        78-19
Non-white:  67-31
Black:        65-33
Hispanic:    64-35

When two-thirds of the people supposedly disadvantaged by a law think it's a good idea, you have to wonder.

Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania, the ACLU tried to get around an inconvenient US Supreme Court precedent upholding voter ID by claiming that state's law violates the Pennsylvania Constitution.  Commonwealth Court Judge Robert Simpson didn't buy it. The WSJ has this editorial.  The ACLU will appeal, of course.

1 Comment

The opposition to the law is absurd. Combating voter fraud is a compelling interest and the burden to the public very light. In PA, they're waving all fees for poor people. Besides, who on earth doesn't have a picture ID these days?

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