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DNA: Still Guilty, After All These Years

Jennifer Emily reports for the Dallas Morning News:

DNA testing confirms that death row inmate Bobby Lee Hines is guilty of the murder of Michelle Wendy Haupt two decades ago, the Dallas County District Attorney's office said Thursday.

Hines' execution was delayed in May at the request of the DA's office so testing could be performed.

Hines murdered Haupt at her Carrollton apartment in 1991. The DNA tested was found on Haupt's nails.


The execution date should be set forthwith.

There ought to be a rule--when a criminal wastes everyone's time like this, all his appeals are deemed to be dropped.

He should have been executed years ago. His execution was delayed for almost a decade due to a specious Atkins claim.

Funny how news of Mr. Hines' guilt just didn't make the cut over at the Death Penalty "Information" Center . . . .

Surprise surprise--stranger found with victims' stuff with no good explanation of how he got them turns out to be 100% guilty.

It comes as no surprise to any one familiar with the case that the DNA results came back from the fingernail clippings of the victim clearly establishing Hines' guilt. What's such a sad shame is that the friends and family have had to wait 21 long years since Michelle Wendy Haupt's murder to see justice finally about to be done.

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