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Poll: DP Repeal Losing 30-46

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A poll by CBS5 (SF) and SurveyUSA shows Proposition 34, the California death penalty repeal initiative losing by 30-46.

On Proposition 34, which would repeal the death penalty: 30% were certain to vote Yes, 46% were certain to vote No, and 23% were not certain how they would vote. The poll data showed whites, a majority of pro-life voters, and a majority of voters in Greater Los Angeles and the Central Valley opposed the repeal; only the Bay Area and liberals supported the repeal.

The full results show a No vote greater than the Yes vote in every demographic and political affiliation category, although the margin is very thin with black voters and Democrats.  The large "undecided" factor here is also a concern, as the initiative proponents have a bigger campaign budget.

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I hope the pro-capital punishment side will have enough money to run at least some TV ads. All the ads would have to do is spotlight some of death row's leading denizens and the crimes that landed them there. I think that would be more than enough to remind voters why most states, the federal government and the military retain the death penalty as an option for punishing the most heinous murders.

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