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News Scan

CA Jail Overcrowding, Short Sentences Leads to Ankle Monitor Removal: A KGET 17 Special Report headlines in Kern County some offenders being monitored by ankle bracelets are cutting them off knowing there will be little if any repercussion as a result of AB 109. The maximum sentence for removing an ankle monitor since realignment began is six months in a county jail; prior it was one year in state prison. The Kern County Sheriff's Department said the county jail is so overcrowded most sentenced serve 25 - 30 percent of their sentence. About 20 percent transferred from state prison under AB 109 about 20 percent are repeat offenders that have violated their probation two or more times. Some criminals say they would do it again because sentences are so short.

MS Senator to Introduce Sex Offender Tracking Plan: Joe Barnes of WLBT 3 reports Mississippi Senator Will Longwitz will introduce a plan in January that would place GPS trackers on the most serious sex offenders in the state. In the U.S., 16 other states have already implemented similar plans. Some sex offenders in the state have either registered their address at a shelter or are homeless. The GPS would set off an alarm any time a high-risk sexual criminal goes near schools, their victim's neighborhood, etc. By this week, 181 of the state's 7,380 registered sex offenders were non-compliant.

Sex Offenders Using Stolen Identities:
Faith Abubey of WFMY News 2 reports 16% of the sex offenders in the nation are using stolen identities to avoid police detection; about 92,000 of the 570,000 registered sexual criminals nationwide according to researchers. A study funded by the Department of Justice found one in six sex offenders are using fake birthdays, addresses, and using stolen social security numbers.

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