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What Does Tyranny Look Like?

An Administration in power, in the midst on an election, is taken by surprise by a terrorist attack overseas.  The Administration would like to take credit for substantially degrading the capacities of terrorists to kill Americans, but the attack leaves four Americans dead, including the United States ambassador, whose corpse is paraded through the streets, shown in gruesome detail on YouTube.

In order to maintain the campaign narrative, high Administration officials repeatedly deny that it was a terrorist attack, despite information both before and after that that's what it was.  Instead, the Administration blames it on a spontaneous mob (which just happened to assemble itself with military precision and rocket-propelled grenades on the anniversary of 9-11).  The "mob" was set off, so the story is woven, by outrage at an Internet video mocking Islam.  

Question:  What should the Administration do to embellish its false and diversionary story about a spontaneous mob?  Answer:  Employ the criminal justice system to target, not those who undertook the attack, but the producer of the mocking video, a Coptic Christian and somewhat shady character, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula. Nakoula pleaded no contest in 2010 to federal bank fraud charges. He was sentenced to 21 months imprisonment and ordered not to use the Internet for five years without approval from his probation officer.  As the Administration is going full blast, spinning its outrage-at-the-video/spontaneous mob fiction, Nakoula is picked up at midnight and jailed for a probation violation.

Next question:  What are the chances that a non-violent probationer gets violated and jailed for exercising what in any other context liberals would be screaming is his First Amendment right to make a non-pornographic Internet video?  What are the chances, that is, but for the fact that he makes a convenient fall guy for the Administration's politically costly, lethal failures and ensuing fake stories?

Last question:  What is it called when the government uses the criminal justice system, and imprisonment of its citizens, for political purposes?   

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