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Who Do Felons Want for President?

Liberals generally do a lot of huffing and puffing about the disabilities that attend a felony conviction.  One of the disabilities that most concerns them is felon disenfranchisement.  In fact, however, the great majority of felons either never lose their voting rights or automatically get them restored upon completion of their sentence.  That's the case in three-quarters of the states.  In the remainder, restoration is generally possible, but may require a waiting period and/or an application to the governor.

Given that there are an estimated 20 million convicted felons out there, the felon vote is a potential gold mine, even more promising than Chicago graveyards.

So who stands to benefit from mining it?

Felons traditionally vote Democratic, says Christopher Uggen, a University of Minnesota sociologist, who co-authored a 2006 book, "Locked Out: Felony Disenfranchisement and American Democracy."

That is because felons come disproportionately from groups that align with Democrats, such as minorities, the poor and urban residents. In this group, Uggen says, "you aren't going to find too many Mitt Romney supporters."

The possibility that political preference is linked to attitude and behavior rather than merely demographics is not discussed in the article, which is nonetheless worth the read.

Hat tip to Sentencing Law and Policy.

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