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News Scan

CA Killer, Arsonist Sentenced to Death: Phil Willon of the Los Angeles Times reports Rickie Lee Fowler was sentenced to death Monday by California Superior Court Judge Michael A. Smith. Fowler was convicted in August of setting a fire on October 25, 2003 in San Bernardino that killed five and destroyed about 1,000 homes. More than 80,000 had to be evacuated. The devastation triggered fatal heart attacks in all five victims. Fowler is a meth addict with a violent history of raping two of his ex-girlfriends. One was pregnant with his child at the time. He also repeatedly sodomized a cellmate in jail. Fowler's suspected accomplice in setting the fire was fatally shot in 2006.

IA Senator to Introduce Death Penalty Legislation: Mike Wiser of the Journal Des Moines Bureau reports Iowa Senator Kent Sorenson (R) will introduce legislation to reinstate the death penalty in the state. The death penalty measure is part of a five bill package and would allow a death sentence in cases where the defendant is convicted of both first-degree murder and first degree sexual abuse of or kidnapping of a minor.  The other bills would; eliminate good-time sentence reductions for serious sex offenses; require chemical castration for sex offenders convicted of a sexual crime against a child of 12 or under;  require electronic monitoring of sex offenders; and require immediate notification of hunters when a child goes missing.  Iowa's death penalty was abolished in 1965.

Long Beach Property Crime Surged in 2012: Richard Winton of the Los Angeles Times reports overall crime in Long Beach, CA went up 7 percent from 2011 to 2012; the first increase in five years. While overall violent crime declined 5.3%, the lowest it has been since 1972, rape and murder both increased in 2012. However, residential burglaries surged 19 percent, garage burglaries skyrocketed by 46.2 percent, and vehicle thefts jumped 19.1 percent.  

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