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Separation Between Church and State, Except...


...when you're an Islamic terrorist doing time for your role in helping to kill Americans.

Our friends in the ACLU get all huffy about anything remotely Christian or Judaic hanging out at a school or other public place that even vaguely suggests religion.  This is because they want, or say they want, a "wall" of separation between church and state.  To be fair, they have won their share of Supreme Court cases on the subject.

But, my, how the courts' attitude changes when we're talking about accommodating Jihadists.  Thus I bring you this Wall Street Journal piece today, aptly titled, A Courtroom Victory for the 'American Taliban'.  The subhead is, "John Walker Lindh gains prison privileges by citing the Constitution he fought to destroy," and that description is all too accurate.  The basic story is that Lindh now has special privileges to pray five times a day with his fellow Muslim inmates.  This is because his religion "requires" it.  I guess the next thing it will require will be filet mignon five times a day.  Dietary rules, dontcha know.

I have often posted about how a sensible justice system cannot thrive, or even exist for long, in a dumbed-down culture that lacks the moral confidence to treat criminals as criminals.  The courts' genuflecting to newly-discovered "religious" devotion embraced by wannabe terrorist killers is one, and a particularly galling, aspect of this dumbing-down.  We saw it before in the months-long judicial hand-wringing about Major Hasan's beard, see Kent's post here and mine here.

We can either be serious about defeating terrorism, or we can allow terrorists to play games with us and our courts, but we can't do both.

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