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News Scan

CA Ex-Cop Turned Serial Shooter Sought in Manhunt:  The Los Angeles Times reports that a manhunt for ex Los Angeles police officer and murder suspect, Christopher Dorner,  has spread throughout California, and into Nevada and Arizona. CBS News reports that Dorner, 33, is wanted as a suspect for murdering Monica Quan, 28 and fiance Keith Lawrence, 27 last Sunday, allegedly as an act of revenge against Quan's father. The elder Quan represented Dorner in a case which resulted leading to his dismissal from the LAPD in 2008. Dorner issued a Facebook manifesto of his deadly intentions. He is also being sought for Wednesday night's attack on two patrol officers, which left one dead and another critically injured. Later, Dorner exchanged gunfire with two other police officers. The LAPD is taking measures to protect others mentioned in Donner's manifesto. The Los Angeles Times reports his truck was found burning in the Big Bear area of San Bernardino County around 1 p.m.

Bill Would Help Fund Counties Struggling With Realignment:  Jasmine Viel of FOX News reports Sen. Anthony Canella has introduced SB 144, the Realignment Reinvestment Act, responding to pressure put on county police departments due to AB 109. The influx of state criminals has burdened counties with increased costs they are not able to afford. Monterey County Sheriff Scott Miller expressed his approval at the move, which will allocate funds to specific counties based on the number of convicts realigned. The goal is to give county jails the resources needed to keep potential repeat offenders from being released early.

MI Looks at Expanding DNA Database: Brody O'Connell of Up North Live reports that a Michigan Senate committee is considering bills expanding DNA collection to include anyone arrested on suspicion of a felony. The bills were put forward by the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.

Texas Appellate Court Favors Death Sentence:  The Dallas Morning News' Valerie Wigglesworth reports that the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals rejected Raul Cortez's second appeal of his death sentence. In 2007, Cortez was linked to four March 2004 execution-style murders during a burglary. He was convicted of the murder of one of the four victims, and sentenced to death in 2009.

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