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Illegal GPS Removal Rate Spikes Under Realignment:  KCRA 3's Mike Luery reports California is seeing increasingly high numbers of parolees removing or disabling their GPS tracking devices. The increase directly follows CA's Realignment. Discussed in this News Scan. In the 15 months after AB109 took effect,  482 criminals have cut off their tracking devices, a 118 percent increase over the 221 violations over the previous 15 months. Under Realignment, instead of a crime, this is a parole violation which may result in a few days of county jail time. CA Senator Ted Lieu has introduced a bill that would send violating felons back to prison.

Oakland Takes Steps to Combat Rising Homicide Rate:  Oakland North's Samantha Masunaga and Ashley Griffin report that in response to the city's rising homicide rate, six law enforcement experts will be brought in to deal with the situation. Last year Oakland had over 130 homicides. Continued from this News Scan. Caitlin Esch of KQED News reports that many of Oakland's homicides go unsolved because of uncooperative witnesses who refuse to get involved for fear of retaliation. Out of all homicides only 69.4% of the city's murders resulted in an arrest in 2012.

Ex-Cop May Face Death Penalty When Captured:  Jonathan Lloyd of NBC News reports ex-cop Christopher Dorner killed one officer and wounded another in a shootout with police Tuesday. The San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department said Dorner has been located and is isolated in a cabin. Officers were engaged, and two were hit by gunfire. They were airlifted to a hospital where one died. The LA Times reports Dorner will face charges of murder and attempted murder from prosecutors in Riverside County. Due to several special circumstances related to the murders, he will be eligible for the death penalty.  Update:  The cabin burned to the ground Tuesday, and Dorner is probably the body found in it, although final identification has not been made as of Wednesday morning.  LA Times story here.

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:: "Ex-Cop May Face Death Penalty...Due to several special circumstances
related to the murders, he will be eligible for the death penalty." ::

Is *anyone in this audience sad that the murderer is dead?

I am, but my "fundamentally malevolent and vindictive" disposition demands it.

[*Besides Chafee and his inveterate ilk, i.e. "asked if he would support the death penalty for Osama bin Laden...I oppose the death penalty.”--Providence Journal, 6/24/11]


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