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The Cultural Sickness Unto Death

The story surrounding multiple killer, now fugitive, Christopher Dorner is starting to open a window on just how deeply this culture is in trouble.

I noted here that Dorner is an ardent left-winger, as he makes more than clear in his Facebook "manifesto."  I also noted that it would be grossly unfair, indeed the worst kind of sleaze, for conservatives to try to make hay from Dorner's enthusiasm for the left, even though liberals immediately sought to make hay out of Jared Loughner's (non-existent) enthusiasm for the right.

I then noted that, unbelievably, a sort of grass roots support has grown up for Dorner, cheering him for taking on the capitalist, racist, imperialist, etc. machine.

Today's story is almost surreal.  The mainstream press that remains yet unable to discover the inconvenient political content of Dorner's "manifesto" has discovered something else about it:  That it should inspire in the rest of us a humble, hand-wringing introspection about How Rotten Our Police Actually Are.  

No, I'm not making this up.  We are to be chastened by the ravings of a multiple murderer.
The Associated Press has this story.  Here are some tidbits:

Dorner, who is suspected in a string of vengeance killings, has depicted himself as a black man wronged, whose badge was unjustly taken in 2008 after he lodged a complaint against a white female supervisor.

"It is clear as day that the department retaliated toward me," Dorner said in online writings authorities have attributed to him. Racism and officer abuses, he argued, have not improved at LAPD since the King beating but have "gotten worse."

Dorner's problems at the LAPD, which ended with his dismissal, played out without public notice more than four years ago, as the department gradually emerged from federal oversight following a corruption scandal.

Just so.  And what is the reaction now to Dorner's Facebook screed?

Dorner's allegations led Police Chief Charlie Beck on Saturday to order a reexamination of the disciplinary case that led to the former officer's firing. Beck said he wanted to assure the city that the department "is transparent and fair in all the things we do."

"I am aware of the ghosts of the LAPD's past, and one of my biggest concerns is that they will be resurrected by Dorner's allegations of racism," Beck said in a statement.

That's it, for sure.  What's needed is to treat Dorner's rant as if it were the Gettysburg Address.  Let's study the details.  

And naturally we can count on the Politically Correct version of the Church Lady to chime in:

Civil rights attorney Connie Rice said the department should review the Dorner case and his claims, while stressing that she is not defending the suspect in any way and is shocked by the attacks.

No, of course, nothing like that.

So we have come to the point that mass murder prompts, not any particular doubts about the person doing the killing, but wide-eyed credulity and fretting about his "message."

This is where we are.  God only knows where we are headed.


A few comments:

1) I think that it's certainly right for conservatives to point out the blatant double-standard in the media and by elected Democrats. This point should be hammered home.

2) We should not forget how horrible this lionization of this evil man must be for the victims' families. Whatever his beefs with the LAPD, his murder victims are innocent, and he cruelly took them down.

3) Some of the coverage has focused on the racial issues involved with the reaction to him. While that is sad, race may have a lesser role than people might think. People identified with the Unabomber: http://community.seattletimes.nwsource.com/archive/?date=19960521&slug=2330346

I agree with you Bill that this is a sad sad commentary on society, and it is plainly obvious that an undercurrent of anti-police feeling is a part of this. I think law and order conservatives should examine why that is the case. Part of it is silly demagoguing by elected officials (e.g., Obama's commentary on l'Affaire Gates without knowing all the facts), but part of it stems from greater publicity given to actual police abuses. I want no part of the disgusting pandering inherent in Barack Obama's shameful commentary or other similar comments, e.g., Obama's sickening "just us" comment at a Dem debate, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with hard-headed examination of police practices and tactics, both specific and general.

B. Otis: : "I also noted that it would be grossly unfair…sleeze…for conservatives
to try to make hay from Dorner's enthusiasm for the left"

Granted, but in what case have American conservatives rallied to the defence of such a murderer who shared
their "enthusiasm for the right"?

// Christopher Dorner Fans On Facebook, Twitter Call Alleged Cop Killer A 'Hero,' //
Huffington Post, Feb 9, 2013


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