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True Crime, More or Less

Truman Capote pioneered the "true crime" genre of books with In Cold Blood in 1966.  Kevin Helliker has this story in the WSJ detailing how the book was not quite as true as claimed.  Capote's main problem is the obvious one that his primary source painted an unduly flattering picture of himself.

But we shouldn't be too hard on Capote.  That was a long time ago, and standards were different.  As in the development of any new field, the pioneers make some big mistakes along the way, and those who come after have the benefit of learning from them.

BTW, the perps were hanged in 1965 for a 1959 crime.  Is it possible to carry out justice in that time frame in the modern era?  Yes, the D.C. Sniper was executed in Virginia less than six years after sentence.

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