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News Scan

Nidal Hasan Sentenced to Death: Former Army psychiatrist and convicted Ft. Hood murderer Nidal Hasan has been sentenced to death.  The Associated Press reports that the jury that found him to be guilty of 13 counts of first-degree murder last week was left with two sentencing options; death or life without parole.  Hasan may become the first American soldier to be executed since 1961.

CA Governor Proposes Controversial $315 Million Plan to Reduce Prison Overcrowding: Jerry Brown's answer to a federal order requiring him to alleviate prison overcrowding involves a $315 million plan that will reduce prison capacity by leasing space from county jails and other prisons around the country.  Dan Whitcomb of Reuters reports that his plan, which was met with immediate resistance by liberal advocacy groups, will comply with the original demand to reduce California's prison capacity to 137.5% without releasing thousands of inmates back into the community.  In addition to the initial $315 million price-tag for this year, the plan will cost an additional $415 million for the next two years. 

Woman Brutally Beaten in 'Racially Motivated' Attack: A Pittsburgh woman is recovering from injuries she sustained after being attacked by a group of black teenagers who allegedly beat her while calling her racial slurs.  WPXI News reports that the victim, Ginger Slepski, was beaten after confronting a group of teenage girls who threw a bottle at her car.  The group of teenagers allegedly involved have all been charged with robbery and ethnic intimidation.  

Study Reveals no Correlation Between Gun Control and Fewer Violent Crimes:  A study conducted by Harvard University has found that having stricter gun control laws doesn't necessarily result in lower death rates or fewer instances of violent crime.  Awr Harkins of breitbart.com reports that the study, "Would Banning Firearms Reduce Murder and Suicide?", compared European country's gun ownership numbers to the amount of gun-related homicides and found that less guns doesn't always mean less death.  Norway, for example, had the highest household gun ownership rate (32%) in Western Europe while also holding the title of having the lowest murder rate. 

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