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Q: What Happens When You Combine...

...a debauched culture with Racial Whinerism?

A:  You get this essay.

For years, we have seen increasingly strained and belligerent efforts from one group and another to portray themselves as unjustly deprived.  In the setting of criminal law, such efforts (e.g., "Capitalism has never given people like me our fair share!") get enlisted to manufacture defenses, and, if that doesn't work, at least to cobble together excuses to try to mitigate the sentence.  

The race to claim victimhood has taken root in so many influential institutions  --  academia, the press, and entertainment  --  that it has now become a cultural pox. The idea is to seize the moral high ground, and effectively extort concessions from those consigned to the low ground, by claiming that, no matter what your behavior  -- including your criminal behavior  --  society owes you a debt, not the other way around.

The essay I have linked, a racially seething rant written in reaction to Miley Cyrus's remarkable MTV performance, makes the point about reaching out to claim victimhood more graphically than I ever could.

Having read the essay, I have a confession to make:   If I said at some point that defense lawyers were the best I'd ever seen at manufacturing victimhood, I take it back.

UPDATE:  My friend Paul Mirengoff at Powerline undresses the essay, as it were, one garment at a time, until it's wearing less than Miley herself.


This ranks up there with Janet Jackson and JTs "wardrobe malfunction" during the Super Bowl as non-controversy controversies.

Now, if Katy Perry had a wardrobe malfunction, THAT'D be something worthy of a post.

My main problem with the essay is that it assumes that Miley Cyrus is such a powerful entity in modern society that a majority of people (or at least those with a measurable IQ) will actually care about her "performance."


The majority of males between 12 and 90 undoubtedly have a measurable IQ, but can become, shall we say, distracted by various items related to non-cranial activity.

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