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No, No, No, No, No

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On the U.S. Supreme Court's "orders list" page, there are five "miscellaneous orders" dated today, October 1.  [If you are reading this on or after the start of the term, October 7, the page will have been moved to a "prior term" page.  See the orders index page.]

The one on the bottom is the list from the long conference, noted in the two posts this morning.  The court has since issued four more orders denying relief to Florida murderer Marshall Gore.  Death penalty defense lawyers evidently think they are doing the right thing by burying courts in these floods of last-minute paper.  I don't think so.  Gore is guilty as sin.  The penalty is thoroughly deserved.  His claim of mental incompetence has been heard and rejected on the merits.  The Supreme Court only needs one petition to decide whether to take the case up.  Nothing is gained by this kind of paper blizzard.  Absent any claim of innocence, what is wrong with a lawyer saying he gave it his best shot, and now it's over?

The execution was carried out as scheduled, Tamara Lush reports for AP.

1 Comment

Until the courts start enforcing the rules with respect to last-minute appeals and frivolous appeals, one can expect these defense attorneys (often on the taxpayer dime) to do this. The fault, in the federal system, is with SCOTUS.

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