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Supreme Court Sides With LAPD in Warrantless Search: The U.S. Supreme Court ruled earlier today that police officers may search a home without a warrant as long as one occupant consents, even if another resident previously objected.  David G. Savage of the Los Angeles Times reports that the case stems from a lawsuit filed by Walter Fernandez, a California man who was arrested in 2009 as a suspect in a robbery and taken to the police station after refusing to allow officers to search his home.  An hour after his arrest, officers returned to his apartment and were granted access to search the area after a woman Fernandez was living with gave them consent.  The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the LAPD in a 6-3 decision, giving officers more leeway in the future to search homes without a warrant as long as someone present in the home consents. 

CA Governor Releasing 'Lifers' at a Record Pace: Since taking office three years ago, California Governor Jerry Brown has released 1,400 inmates sentenced to serve the rest of their life in prison, a move that has left crime victims feeling outraged.  KCRA Sacramento reports that more than 80 percent of inmates serving life sentences were convicted of murder, while the rest are made up of mostly rapists and kidnappers.  Governor Brown insists that his recent parole decisions have not been influenced by the overcrowding issue plaguing California prisons, and instead says that he is bound by court orders to ease the strict parole requirements affecting murderers in prison.

Death Penalty Appeal Denied by Supreme Court: The U.S. Supreme Court has decided not to hear an appeal from a Mississippi woman convicted of murdering her husband based on the claim that she had been abused.  The Associated Press reports that 56-year-old Michelle Byrom was convicted of murder and sentenced to death in 2000 after asking the judge presiding over the case to decide her sentence, rather than a jury of her peers.  Previous appeals for a new trial have both been denied by state and federal court.

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