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News Scan

Bill Aims to Expedite Executions for Kidnappers who Kill Their Victims: Missouri senators have proposed legislation that would speed up executions for people convicted of killing their kidnapping victims.  The Associated Press reports that the Timely Justice Act would expedite executions by limiting extensions for appeals and setting deadlines for the state's Supreme Court to hear cases and schedule executions.  The new bill proposal comes a little over a week after 10-year-old Hailey Owens was abducted while walking home and later found dead in the home of a school employee.

Proposed Bill Would Prohibit WA Governor From Issuing Death Penalty Reprieve: In response to the recent death penalty reprieve initiated by Washington Governor Jay Inslee, legislators have introduced Senate Bill 6566 in an effort to prohibit any governor from issuing a reprieve until they have received a recommendation from the state Clemency and Pardons Board.  The Associated Press reports that Senator Steve O'Ban is sponsoring the bill, claiming the reprieve would be an injustice to both victims and families of crime victims.  If the bill passes, the state's Clemency and Pardons Board would be required to give their recommendation for anyone sentenced to death after July 1.

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