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News Scan

Judge Sets Trial Date for Accused CO Movie Theater Killer: James Holmes, the man accused of killing 12 and injuring dozens more at a movie theater premiere in 2012, will begin his highly anticipated trial on October 12-more than two and a half years after the attack.  Shawn Nottingham of CNN reports that prosecutors are still planning on seeking the death penalty against Holmes, who has pled not guilty by reason of insanity.  Holmes is scheduled to undergo an additional sanity evaluation later this summer after the previous exam was deemed 'incomplete and inadequate.'

CA Man Who Tried to Bomb Bank Sentenced to 15 Years: A California man who had dreams of becoming a member of the Taliban has been sentenced to 15 years in federal prison after authorities say he tried to blow up a bank with a car bomb he believed was supposed to detonate, but was in fact made up of non-explosive materials supplied by the FBI.  The Associated Press reports that the plot unfolded after 29-year-old Matthew Aaron Llaneza contacted an undercover FBI agent who pretended to have connections with the Taliban and assisted him with building a fake car bomb that was to be used at a Bank of America branch in Oakland.  Along with the prison sentence, Llaneza will also be forced to spend the rest of his life on probation.      

Man Found Guilty in Quadruple Homicide: A Michigan jury took less than four hours to find 25-year-old James Brown guilty in the 2011 murders of four young women.  Ed White of the Associated Press reports that Brown killed the women in his mother's basement before stuffing their bodies in a car trunk abandoning their bodies in a Detroit neighborhood.  Brown faces a mandatory life sentence without parole.

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