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Good News and Bad News

The good news is that, as the News Scan reports, Missouri went ahead with the execution of Jeffery Ferguson, who abducted, stripped, raped and strangled to death a teenage girl, Kelli Hall.  The better news is that it did so after courts, including the Supreme Court, rejected what is becoming the tiresome challenge that the state refused to identify the pharmacy that supplied the execution drugs.

The bad news is that it took 25 years to get this done.  Ferguson committed the rape and murder on February 9, 1989.

The other bad news is that there continues to be no visible limit on just how sick some criminals can be.  Hence this story from East Moline, Illinois.  It starts:

An Illinois playground was [booby]-trapped with straight-edged razors glued to equipment frequented by children, WQAD.com reported.

The sharp razors were discovered by parents at Millennium Park in East Moline, near the state's western border with Iowa. The parents say their 2-year-old son was cut by one of the blades on the monkey bars.

Here's betting dollars  to doughnut holes that if and when the guy who did this  gets caught, his defense lawyer will pony up for a rent-a-shrink whose opening paragraph will contain the word "bi-polar."  Any takers?

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